“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Are you new or want to brush your Chinese Astrology skills? The London Feng Shui BaZi course will offer you a different approach to how to use the Four Pillars of Destiny system. My course it has been designed taking in consideration the material from four Feng Shui Masters (with which I have studied over the last ten years). Furthermore, for the first time in this field, the course looks to teach you how to find solutions.

Today, in our society, finding the problem using BAZI is not enough, you need to take actions and you need to know what is the right action. Thanks to this new BAZI approach, you can start implementing changes into your life and your clients’ life as well.

Four Pillars of Destiny – Chinese Astrology

The course has been designed to teach you the Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology BAZI (Four Pillars of Destiny) and how to interpret a Destiny Chart. 

Teacher: Gabriela Galbenus


Part One and Two Workshop Structure:

Saturday, 23rd September 2017

Master the fundamentals of Four Pillars of Destiny:

  • What is BAZI.
  • Cosmic Trinity.
  • The Concept of the Yin and Yang.
  • The 5 elements and their relationship.
  • The Ten Heavenly Stems.
  • The Twelve Heavenly Branches.
  • The four seasons and their strength.
  • The 60 JiaZi.
  • Exercises

Plot a BAZI Chart and understand the relationship between Pillars, Palaces and Stars, including the Luck Pillar.

Sunday, 24th September 2017

Learn the Relationships between the Stems and Branches:

  • Heavenly Stems Combination
  • Heavenly Stems Countering
  • Earthy Branches Six combination
  • Earthy Branches Three Combination
  • Half combination
  • Silent Push Combination
  • Earthy Branches Directional Combination
  • Earthy Branches Six Clashes
  • Earthy Branches Six Harms
  • Earthy Branches Punishment
  • Earthy Branches Destruction
  • Exercises


Eventbrite - Professional Four Pillars Chinese Astrology Course Part I

The material necessary for the course will provided a month in advance, once registered.


A further course will be organised in November to teach:

Understand the ten types of energy called “10 Gods”, such as Companions, Output, Wealth, Power and Resources.

  • Introduction to the 10 Gods
  • Wealth Star
  • Influence Star
  • Resources Star
  • Friends Star
  • Output Star
  • Exercises
  • Useful god
  • Wealth analysis
  • Career analysis
  • Relationship analysis
  • Children analysis
  • Analyzing the four pillars of Destiny

Analyze BAZI charts.


Join us and learn about the 2017 Fire Rooster’s energy
and how it will affect you, your family and friends.

In this seminar, You will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize how the energy of Fire Rooster affects your Destiny
  • Learn how and when to transform negative attitude in positive opportunities in the year of the Fire Rooster
  • Personal forecast on health, wealth and love
  • Learn which dates for 2017 are auspicious and what they mean
  • Gain an awareness of the Feng Shui afflictions of 2017 and what they mean
  • Harness beneficial energies from the environment throughout the year

Feng Shui speaker: Gabriela Galbenus

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you will receive your Personal printed Destiny CHART

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Feng Shui office

Following my BBC interview at Daily Politics http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06myl6j/daily-politics-30102015 (min 30:44) I would like to share with you some tips about What can Feng Shui do for your office and How you can Feng Shui your office.

What can Feng Shui do for your office?

Feng Shui, long before scientific studies, has shown how surroundings have a deep and profound impact on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Since the daily working office hours makes up a big part of your day, improving the energy in your workspace will help you at work and through your life.

Applying the principles of Feng Shui can influence the way employees and clients think and act.

A Feng Shui work environment promote better employee interactions and decrease conflict.

Feng Shui can increase employee productivity, amplify profits in any sector, by attracting more customers.

How you can Feng Shui your office

By manipulating your workspace in subtle ways, such as: furniture arrangement, colour choice, position of the work desk, and activation of cardinal location.

By locating the CEO’s office and upper management offices, in the building, according to Feng Shui principles.

Good location with good direction

The first factor to look for is where you have good energy circulating within the external environment. So, make sure that the external environment is not hostile, affecting your business with negative Qi. The environment should support the business in any way. The building’s office front door should avoid facing sharp buildings, broken features and fast travelling roads. Doors should be facing what is called in Feng Shui a “Bright Hall” (a space in front of the building). The reason is because the “Bright Hall” allows to collect the Qi before it flows into the building.

Good energy flow

A successful office should have and abundance in natural light energy and smooth-flowing Qi energy. Meaning that on the outside, there should be a good flow of traffic and easily accessible.

On the inside, there should be clear, clean connections between the space and the rooms. Narrow and dark pathways are not only overly yin in nature, but also foster negative Qi, especially if they lead straight to a room door.

Orientation of Your Desk

The placement of your desk is one of the most important adjustments you can make.

If possible, place your desk directly opposite the front door of your office (If you don’t have a private office, try to orient your desk to face the main door).  Ideally, you should be able to see as much of the room as possible. This is called a “commanding position “According to the principles of Feng Shui, this arrangement offers protection and symbolizes you seeing opportunities as they come to you during your career.

Ideally, the office should have regular shape (preferably square or rectangle), natural lighting (at least one window), a solid door you can close, and a good position for your desk.

Also, your work desk should allowed you to face the direction that benefits your position and goals. You can obtain this direction by calculation of you Year of Birth.

Interested to find out your personal auspicious directions?
Send me your DOB and I will send you, free of charge, your positive directions.

Example: If your work involves dealing with people, sales, marketing or public relations activities, I suggest you use the Yan Nian (Longevity) direction as this direction promotes building relationships.

Sitting in the power position is a key element in a Feng Shui office. The person seated farthest from the entrance will have the most power. If you sit too close to the door, you will be distracted by daily/petty details. If you sit with your back to the door, you will suffer inauspiciously to office politics, backstabbing, etc.

If you have to share your office space with another, you should try to avoid sitting back to back. It is also best to avoid sitting face to face. Both positions tend to create conflict. If you cannot avoid sitting face to face, either stagger the desks or create a small barrier with a plant or other object.

Create room for Creativity

A clutter free and organized office allows space for new, refreshing energy and ideas.

Sharp edges create poison arrows which contribute to conditions such as irritability and discomfort. Use plants and materials to soften sharp edges and corners.

In a Feng Shui office you want to surround yourself with images and objects that keep you inspired, creative and productive. Choose furniture and accessories that speak to you of prosperity, abundance and success.

It is all about balance?

When the elements are in balance then your life is more likely to be in balance and you will have greater success in whatever you want to achieve.

Yin and yang balance is very important in Feng Shui and they represent feminine and masculine energies. An unbalance between the two extreme forces of yin and yang will result in stress.

Let’s s take an example: you worked in an overly yang environment with high ceilings, light colours, angular furniture and lots of natural light. Then, you would need to balance this overly yang environment with some yin energy. You might add curved or flowing shapes, darker colours, soft furniture and some window coverings.

In Feng Shui the elements are represented by wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. It is important that the elements are in balance.


2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey

Discover what the Year of the Fire Monkey has in store for you, your family and your friends.

Join The London Feng Shui Astrology 2016 Workshop and you will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand how the Fire Monkey Year will affect your personal life,
  • Understand the Feng Shui afflictions for 2016 and how they affect your home,
  • Understand the beneficial energies of the environment throughout the year.


2016_Monkey_The_London_Feng_Shui_eventFeng Shui speaker: Gabriela Galbenus

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Four Pillars CHINESE ASTROLOGY  is the key to unveil your character, personality, strengths and weaknesses taking into consideration time, space, and actions that have influenced your life from the day you were born.

Join us for an inspiring workshop, where we will explore the differences between different types of Destiny Luck!


Feng Shui speakers: Gabriela Galbenus & Francesco Motta

Where: EVOLVE CENTER, 10 Kendrick mews, South Kensington SW7 3HG, London

When: Tuesday 21 July 2015 from 6pm – 8pm

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The London Feng Shui is organising Two Days Workshop 

Chinese Astrology – BAZI Feng Shui

Gain the knowledge that inspires, enlightens, explains and empowers you to make a change in your life!


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Imagine how life would be if you…..

Understand yourself?

Understand others?

Understand when is the best time for action and nonaction?

Why are you in conflict with others?

What are your innate skills?

Now isn’t that something worth learning about???

The London Feng shui offer a BAZI Foundation Workshop open to anyone wishing to deepen their personal insight and awareness. BAZI is the key to unveil your character, personality, strengths and weakness taking into consideration time, space, people and events that have influenced your life from the day you were born. By understanding these factors you will know how to improve your life today!


Gabriela Galbenus has been studying in UK and Malaysia with Joey Yap at the Mastery Academy as well as following the teachings of Benson Yeo. She is a member of the Feng Shui Society.

The workshop provides notes and a certificate of attendance. The class is small size so you gain individual attention and support.

The workshop has been designed to teach you the Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology BAZI (Four Pillars of Destiny) and how to interpret your Destiny Chart.

Workshop cost: £299 – Early Bird until 31st March: £249

Certificate: Participants will receive Module 1 BAZI certificate of attendance, issued by The London Feng Shui.

When: Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, 3rd May 2015 from 10am – 5pm

Where: Regent’s University London, Inner Circle, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4NS

The closest underground station is Baker Street. On leaving Baker Street station turn left, walk past Madam Tussauds and take the next available left into York Gate, continue into Regent’s park over York Bridge. The main entrance is on the left. Total walking time is 10 minutes.


Gain a thorough understanding of the key principles and laws of the Universe including:

  • The Concept of the Yin and Yang
  • The 5 elements and their relationship
  • The Ten Heavenly Stems
  • The Twelve Heavenly Branches

Plot a BAZI Chart and the relationship between Pillars, Palaces and Stars, including the Luck Pillar

Learn the Relationships between the Stems and Branches:

  • Heavenly Stems Combinations
  • Heavenly Stems Countering
  • Heavenly Branch Combinations
  • Heavenly Branch Countering

Understand the ten types of energy called “10 Gods”, such as Companions, Output, Wealth, Power and Resources.

Understand and analyse your destiny, as well as yours family and friends destiny charts.

Although in Asia, Feng Shui is a must for restaurants and businesses, in UK just recently few restaurants started to incorporate Feng Shui principles on their design and location. Sagitter Onea boutique hospitality consultancy – had decided in collaboration with The London Feng Shui to open this service to their clients. As a Feng Shui Consultant, Gabriela Galbenus, founder of The London Feng Shui, recognize the importance of knowing your living environment as this can affect the performance of your business. Identifying favorable and unfavorable energies of your immediate surroundings gives you the opportunity to modify the negative energies and harness the positive ones. Owners of restaurants should take in consideration some of the Feng Shui principles to help them to succeed.

The right time, the right place, and the right people!

Follow what emperor Guangshi said two thousands years ago and you will have the essential elements to make a restaurant successful!

feng-shui-5-300x300Today, like two thousands years ago this theory is still applicable and although many of us might not believe in Feng Shui we have to agree that these factors are crucial in making any business a success.

Because Feng Shui is applied to environments to facilitate the harmonious flow of energy or Qi, between people (microcosm) and their environment (macrocosm) you might have to take in consideration the location as well as the people that help you in building your business.

What is energy or Qi?

Energy is the “invisible force that shapes, nurtures and governs all living beings. From the peak of the highest mountains to the depth of the deepest oceans, the flow of the rivers to the undulating ridges of the land, and from busy malls to the quaint little corners of the street – Qi permeates our world. Qi is the force that brings life to all beings”. (Joey Yap)


What determinate a successful restaurant?

Right Time

Since energy is dynamic and changes over time you need to choose the right time when you open a restaurant. Feng Shui analysis of the annual energy can help you to understand if it is the right time for a good start-up with good profits, or if you need to be prepared for a market with a fierce competition.

Good location with good direction

The first factor to look for is where you have good Qi circulating within the external environment. So, make sure that the external environment is not hostile, affecting your business with negative Qi. The environment should support the business in every way and we are here to help you find the right place!

The restaurant’s front doors should avoid facing sharp buildings, broken features and fast travelling roads. Doors should be facing what is called in Feng Shui a “Bright Hall”, a tranquil and beautiful landform such as green playground, gentle curving walkway, garden, or simply a space in front of the restaurant. The reason is because “Bright Hall” allows to collect the Qi before it flows into the restaurant.


Invest in the right people for your business. People are the vital ingredient in any business nevertheless in the restaurant sector. Ba Zi, that is one of the Feng Shui tools, can help you to understand if your employees are the right people to help you succeed. Remember that there are different outcomes from different people. A group of two or more people will be able to modify the outcome of Feng Shui within a property- provided that they have more in common than differences.

FENG-SHUI-300x300Good energy flow

A successful restaurant should have and abundance in energy and smooth-flowing Qi energy.  On the outside, this manifest as a good flow of traffic, the restaurant should be easily accessible.

On the inside, there should be clear, clean connections between the space and the rooms.  When the restaurant is too closed in, with too many partitions breaking up the space, the energy flow stagnates.  If it is too open, especially directly across from the entrance, or if there are windows at the back with an expansive view, it does not retain energy and does not retain business.


feng-shui-6-300x300Four basic colors are associated with food and restaurant décor: white, yellow, brown and red. White is the most balanced color, representing balanced emotions and associated with cleanliness.  In Five Element theory, brown, yellow and beige are the colors of the Earth element, associated with the stomach and hence with appetite.  The color red brings excitement; red is associated with the fire element and heart’s desires and this explains why many people go mad about deep fried foods and roasted meats.


Many restaurant owners are too concerned with having a space large enough to accommodate the maximum number of potential customers. Actually, it is better to be too small than too big.  This is an energy issue.  When a restaurant is too big or too empty, people are uncomfortable about going in (it’s too Yin).  People don’t mind waiting in a busy restaurant. They are unconsciously attracted to energy, and the more people there are, the more energy there is.


Cashier locationfeng-shui-7-300x300

Ideally, the cashier should be on the right side (white tiger side) of the restaurant from the inside looking out. Most important, the cashier should have a solid, supportive wall behind him/her.

yin_wood_goat_2015_feng_shui_2East sector– we can find the lovely, timely 1 White Star!

I love this star energy! It feels a great connection with this star, maybe because it enhances the knowledge and wisdom? It might be! However, this wonderful 1 White Star, brings many positive attributes such as: knowledge, good reputation, status and recognition. If you have it as a Facing Star it will help you achieve wealth and do well in your career.


This year one of the negative energies that affect health is located in Southeast sector. The number 2 Black star, tend to create health issues, especially if SE of your house is affected by external negative features. However, in the same sector the period 7 Metal Star will weaken the yearly 2 Earth Star energy combining and transforming in money luck. However, by activating this sector you should not forget that SE is a wood element and that metal (produced by the 2-7 combination) controls wood. You should use soft metal and sounds such as clocks, soft metal ring bells etc.

Yin Wood Goat 2015 floorplanSouth

Not the best sector this year with number 7 Red Star! This energy star creates instable feelings, robbery and scandals. But don’t despair! Where is negative energy you can find the good as well! The Fire palace of South tends to weaken this negative energy. However, if you see signs of any of the above you should place some bamboo plants to absorb this negative star.


This location is called the secondary wealth sector! As this year is hosting a very positive energy, number 9 Purple Star. This energy is timely in this period and can be activated for new promotion, enhancing good relationships, some cash and good outcome from all activities.

Nonetheless, we should not activate the SW1 sector by doing renovation or groundbreaking construction work and neither faces this area of SW1. When working is better to have your back against SW1 (202-217 degree) instead of facing it.


Number 5 Yellow Star could be one of the worse energy, if activated. It is associated with bankruptcy, disasters and diseases. As this star is located in West, kids are more at risk then any other person in the house, so look after them in 2015. This is another area where one should avoid renovations or ground breaking. (Please, note that one should avoid renovations and break of ground if one live in the house while the renovations are on. If the house is empty you are not affected but try to select an auspicious date to commence).


Number 4 Green Star is regarded as a neutral star; suitable to be activated when you require learning something new or preparing for exams. It also helps with relationships and many call it; “romance star”. This star is not timely in this period and the Northwest sector is not a good location for this energy. Thus, if you are looking to enhance your relationship do not activate this sector this year.


One of the best energy, which is timely most of the times, is number 8 White Star. At the moment, we are in period 8, hence this Star is highly favorable. It brings peace, harmony, gentleness as well as kindness. Being called the “wealth sector” this year, North should be activated with Yang activities. For those who have their main door in North is good as they can use it as much as they can and enhance the number 8 star.


Used mainly for authority, power and influence, the 6 White Star is good for politicians, managers, military authorities etc. Being located in Northeast, this star is supported by the sector and furthermore by the period. Saying that this star is not completely positive so, if you want to activate this star you should have a regard to the side effects as the saying; “No pain no gain” you should evaluate what is best for yourself.

The Shard View_The_London_Feng_Shui

The architecture of The Shard has brought many debates about its beauty and functionality, with divergent opinions being fought hard. But looking at this building from a Feng Shui perspective brings a straight, forward insight.

Many criticisms have been written about The Shard but to me the two main questions that should be worth answering are:

The Shard fire element

Does The Shard have good or bad Qi (energy)?


What is the impact of this unique building

in the surrounding environment?

From a Feng Shui point of view The Shard’s element is Fire.

 The Fire element has been used for centuries in the design of churches and spiritual buildings. This element is associated with spirituality, passion and it incorporates the qualities of beauty and elegance. However, when Fire is too strong it leads to obsession and the passion transforms into rage. Its hot flames can burn or transform into a forest fire.

The Fire “trigram” is composed by two Yang lines outside and one Yin inside, meaning that from outside the building can be seen as aggressive and daring but inside it is soft.

The answer to the first question can be found in the landform that surrounds Shard.

 Analysing the environment:

So, is this beautiful and elegant building radiating passion or is it a forest in fire ready to burn the surroundings?

The landform where The Shard is located is called Earth Water Star.  In the “Productive Cycle” – Earth weakens Fire. The Shard being Fire is being weakened by environment and we have many examples of how local people and media reacted to its opening:

“The Shard was furiously opposed by local people, and by historic buildings and conservation authorities. It was pushed as a symbol of Britain’s love affair with financial bling at the turn of the 21st century, with “iconic” celebrities and the eff-you greed of arbitrage. It was allowed to go ahead by Yorkshire’s John Prescott as a single-finger gesture in the face of wimpish southerners”. By Simon Jenkins – The Guardian

“The oil-Rich Qataris failed to note those three basic requirements for success in the UK property market: location, location and – you guessed it – location”. By Mira Bar Hillel – Independent

“London’s Shard: a ‘tower of power and riches’ looking down on poverty”. By Robert Booth- The Guardian

In reality the building, being a Yin structure, is supporting the environment and eventually, when the right time will come, it will be accepted and appreciated for the benefits that will bring: the area will see new changes and new wealth. Furthermore being located in SE of London, the building creates a Sheng Cycle between:

  • the geographic position South-East (Wood)
  • the building element (Fire)
  • the landform (Earth).

Being the tallest building in the area of course it attracts attention and criticism (for now) but this is the fate of this powerful building.

The Shard Fire Qi has an impact on the environment more than any other building. It acts as a fire mountain for the surrounding buildings that include: city hall, the houses of parliament, Saint Paul, just to name few.

The impact of The Shard’s energy on the City Hall:

The Shard’s Qi of Fire controls City Hall Qi- that is metal. This means authority, power under control from foreign investments. Evidently, not very positive political advertising for the Mayor of London, and the first one to remind about the debt was the developer of The Shard, Irvine Sellar, who said after London’s new skyscraper was officially inaugurated: “London owes a debt to Qatar”. Telegraph

The impact of The Shard’s energy on the Houses of Parliament:

Acting as a Fire Mountain for the Houses of Parliament, The Shard’s Fire Qi brings positive energy. Fire feeds fire/earth that are the elements of the Houses of parliament reinforcing the relationship between new investments and the above and denoting a positive attitude towards new changings from the Houses of Parliament.

The Shard’s architect: Renzo Piano and his Destiny Chart

There is an important aspect that made me analyse the Destiny Chart of Renzo Piano, The Shard’s architect. To try to understand why Renzo Piano, who was known to dismiss towers as ‘aggressive phallic fortresses’, surprisingly took this job?

Renzo Piano is a Yang Wood Day Master born “untimely” when Metal was at his highest peak and his Wood element was dead. His Destiny chart is dominated by Direct Power (Metal) that creates a rational and responsible person, conservative, self- disciplined with leadership talents.

Renzo’s chart is driven by Wealth and Power, and his Day Master (Wood) is lost in combinations. What is interesting about this chart is that when Renzo met The Shard’s developer Irvine Sellar, his luck pillar went through Water Tiger period making Renzo’s chart out of balance by different elements Water and Wood (Resources and Friendly Parallels).

Renzo’s Yang Wood element that can be associated with a big Tree, was becoming strong enough to go against any principles and become adventurous in his design and style marking the story of architecture and make people to talk about him for decades to come.

Because, The Shard is the revolution that was born once more in Piano’s veins!

Last week I watched a very interesting documentary on BBC by Prof Brian Cox, that is as cute as intelligent, and I was amazed how he talks about life as it reflects the science behind Feng Shui.

Prof Cox defines life as a “process, the interaction between matter and energy described by the laws of physics and chemistry, the same laws that describes the falling, the rain, the shining, the stars”.

These are the same laws that are at the base of Feng Shui (that means “Wind and Water”).

What is life? The traditional answer is one that invokes the supernatural, as seen at the annual Day of the Dead celebrations in the Philippine highlands. Prof Cox sets out to offer an alternative answer: one bound up in the flow of energy through the universe.

On the edge of Taal Volcano lake, Prof Cox demonstrates how the first spark of life may have arisen. Here, heat energy from the inner Earth forces its way to the surface and changes its chemistry, just as it did in our planet’s infancy. It is now believed that these chemical changes set up a source of energy from which life first emerged.

Today, virtually all derives its energy from the Sun. But there’s a paradox to this as according to the laws of physics energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So life doesn’t ‘use’ energy up. It can’t remove it from the universe. So how does energy enable living things to live?

Brian reveals life to be a conduit through which energy in the universe passes, just one part in a process that governs the lifecycle of the entire Universe. By diverting energy in the cosmos living things are able to grow and thrive.

But whilst the flow of energy can explain living things, it can’t explain how life has endured for more than three billion years. So Brian meets an animal in the Borneo rainforest that holds the key to how life persists – the orangutan. Ninety seven per cent of our DNA is shared with orangutans. That shared heritage reveals a profound conclusion: that DNA is a record of the evolution of life on Earth, one that connects us to everything alive today and that has ever lived.

So life isn’t really a thing. It’s a chemical process, a way of tapping into the energy flowing through the Universe and transmitting it from generation to generation through the elegant chemistry of DNA. Far from demanding a mystical explanation, the emergence of life might be an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics.

The Feng Shui studies and analyses this flow of energy through the universe. And that is where the name Feng Shui comes from: “Wind and Water”.

Water represents 70% of our planet and at the same time 70% of our body. It is indispensable for life.

Wind transports Energy (Qi), that is the ability to make things happen!

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