yin_wood_goat_2015_feng_shui_2East sector– we can find the lovely, timely 1 White Star!

I love this star energy! It feels a great connection with this star, maybe because it enhances the knowledge and wisdom? It might be! However, this wonderful 1 White Star, brings many positive attributes such as: knowledge, good reputation, status and recognition. If you have it as a Facing Star it will help you achieve wealth and do well in your career.


This year one of the negative energies that affect health is located in Southeast sector. The number 2 Black star, tend to create health issues, especially if SE of your house is affected by external negative features. However, in the same sector the period 7 Metal Star will weaken the yearly 2 Earth Star energy combining and transforming in money luck. However, by activating this sector you should not forget that SE is a wood element and that metal (produced by the 2-7 combination) controls wood. You should use soft metal and sounds such as clocks, soft metal ring bells etc.

Yin Wood Goat 2015 floorplanSouth

Not the best sector this year with number 7 Red Star! This energy star creates instable feelings, robbery and scandals. But don’t despair! Where is negative energy you can find the good as well! The Fire palace of South tends to weaken this negative energy. However, if you see signs of any of the above you should place some bamboo plants to absorb this negative star.


This location is called the secondary wealth sector! As this year is hosting a very positive energy, number 9 Purple Star. This energy is timely in this period and can be activated for new promotion, enhancing good relationships, some cash and good outcome from all activities.

Nonetheless, we should not activate the SW1 sector by doing renovation or groundbreaking construction work and neither faces this area of SW1. When working is better to have your back against SW1 (202-217 degree) instead of facing it.


Number 5 Yellow Star could be one of the worse energy, if activated. It is associated with bankruptcy, disasters and diseases. As this star is located in West, kids are more at risk then any other person in the house, so look after them in 2015. This is another area where one should avoid renovations or ground breaking. (Please, note that one should avoid renovations and break of ground if one live in the house while the renovations are on. If the house is empty you are not affected but try to select an auspicious date to commence).


Number 4 Green Star is regarded as a neutral star; suitable to be activated when you require learning something new or preparing for exams. It also helps with relationships and many call it; “romance star”. This star is not timely in this period and the Northwest sector is not a good location for this energy. Thus, if you are looking to enhance your relationship do not activate this sector this year.


One of the best energy, which is timely most of the times, is number 8 White Star. At the moment, we are in period 8, hence this Star is highly favorable. It brings peace, harmony, gentleness as well as kindness. Being called the “wealth sector” this year, North should be activated with Yang activities. For those who have their main door in North is good as they can use it as much as they can and enhance the number 8 star.


Used mainly for authority, power and influence, the 6 White Star is good for politicians, managers, military authorities etc. Being located in Northeast, this star is supported by the sector and furthermore by the period. Saying that this star is not completely positive so, if you want to activate this star you should have a regard to the side effects as the saying; “No pain no gain” you should evaluate what is best for yourself.

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