Although in Asia, Feng Shui is a must for restaurants and businesses, in UK just recently few restaurants started to incorporate Feng Shui principles on their design and location. Sagitter Onea boutique hospitality consultancy – had decided in collaboration with The London Feng Shui to open this service to their clients. As a Feng Shui Consultant, Gabriela Galbenus, founder of The London Feng Shui, recognize the importance of knowing your living environment as this can affect the performance of your business. Identifying favorable and unfavorable energies of your immediate surroundings gives you the opportunity to modify the negative energies and harness the positive ones. Owners of restaurants should take in consideration some of the Feng Shui principles to help them to succeed.

The right time, the right place, and the right people!

Follow what emperor Guangshi said two thousands years ago and you will have the essential elements to make a restaurant successful!

feng-shui-5-300x300Today, like two thousands years ago this theory is still applicable and although many of us might not believe in Feng Shui we have to agree that these factors are crucial in making any business a success.

Because Feng Shui is applied to environments to facilitate the harmonious flow of energy or Qi, between people (microcosm) and their environment (macrocosm) you might have to take in consideration the location as well as the people that help you in building your business.

What is energy or Qi?

Energy is the “invisible force that shapes, nurtures and governs all living beings. From the peak of the highest mountains to the depth of the deepest oceans, the flow of the rivers to the undulating ridges of the land, and from busy malls to the quaint little corners of the street – Qi permeates our world. Qi is the force that brings life to all beings”. (Joey Yap)


What determinate a successful restaurant?

Right Time

Since energy is dynamic and changes over time you need to choose the right time when you open a restaurant. Feng Shui analysis of the annual energy can help you to understand if it is the right time for a good start-up with good profits, or if you need to be prepared for a market with a fierce competition.

Good location with good direction

The first factor to look for is where you have good Qi circulating within the external environment. So, make sure that the external environment is not hostile, affecting your business with negative Qi. The environment should support the business in every way and we are here to help you find the right place!

The restaurant’s front doors should avoid facing sharp buildings, broken features and fast travelling roads. Doors should be facing what is called in Feng Shui a “Bright Hall”, a tranquil and beautiful landform such as green playground, gentle curving walkway, garden, or simply a space in front of the restaurant. The reason is because “Bright Hall” allows to collect the Qi before it flows into the restaurant.


Invest in the right people for your business. People are the vital ingredient in any business nevertheless in the restaurant sector. Ba Zi, that is one of the Feng Shui tools, can help you to understand if your employees are the right people to help you succeed. Remember that there are different outcomes from different people. A group of two or more people will be able to modify the outcome of Feng Shui within a property- provided that they have more in common than differences.

FENG-SHUI-300x300Good energy flow

A successful restaurant should have and abundance in energy and smooth-flowing Qi energy.  On the outside, this manifest as a good flow of traffic, the restaurant should be easily accessible.

On the inside, there should be clear, clean connections between the space and the rooms.  When the restaurant is too closed in, with too many partitions breaking up the space, the energy flow stagnates.  If it is too open, especially directly across from the entrance, or if there are windows at the back with an expansive view, it does not retain energy and does not retain business.


feng-shui-6-300x300Four basic colors are associated with food and restaurant décor: white, yellow, brown and red. White is the most balanced color, representing balanced emotions and associated with cleanliness.  In Five Element theory, brown, yellow and beige are the colors of the Earth element, associated with the stomach and hence with appetite.  The color red brings excitement; red is associated with the fire element and heart’s desires and this explains why many people go mad about deep fried foods and roasted meats.


Many restaurant owners are too concerned with having a space large enough to accommodate the maximum number of potential customers. Actually, it is better to be too small than too big.  This is an energy issue.  When a restaurant is too big or too empty, people are uncomfortable about going in (it’s too Yin).  People don’t mind waiting in a busy restaurant. They are unconsciously attracted to energy, and the more people there are, the more energy there is.


Cashier locationfeng-shui-7-300x300

Ideally, the cashier should be on the right side (white tiger side) of the restaurant from the inside looking out. Most important, the cashier should have a solid, supportive wall behind him/her.

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