Guidelines that you need for the 2014  Yang Wood Horse Year, based on the Flying Star System



For the entire 2014, SE is an inauspicious sector due to the energy of the 3 Green star. This star has negative energy that can result in arguments and legal conflicts. Try to avoid this location or at least not to face this cardinal sector. To diminish her malefic effect place red items.


This is the main Wealth sector for the 2014. Houses and offices that have their main door in this location should expect good financial returns and business. Activate this sector with yang energy and career and prosperity will benefit from this auspicious Qi.


Use this sector for study, research and writing.  The positive benefits of the 1 White star energy is good for reputation, recognition and travel opportunities.  Relationships and couples will prosper and benefit by using this sector. Activate this area with yang energy and spend time in this location.


The 6 White star generally brings good energy helping with career progression and increase in salary. If your house or office has a door in this sector, networking capabilities will be enhance for this year.  In period 8 (2004-2024) the energy of this star is usable, meaning that its energy is not entirely positive and it might turn negative if activate by negative forms. In this case one should expect sudden change at workplace and health complication.


This is the sector that in 2014 if activated it will bring calamity and injuries especially to the head of the family. The negative 5 Yellow star is sitting in this sector and you should avoid this area if possible. If not possible try to keep this area quiet and still. To neutralize the negative influence of this negative star, metal sound (the best) or metal objects are to be placed here.


Considerate as the secondary wealth corner for 2014 the 9 Purple Star is auspicious for enhancing your income, bringing new wealth opportunities and positive outcomes. House and office with entrance or window in this direction will benefit from this positive Qi. If not, try to activate the area with Yang energy. Couples considering the perspective of getting married will also benefit from this positive energy of this sector. Activate North for big changes as ownership and great achievements.


The 7 Red Star carries negative energy in this sector as untimely as it is. A house or office with main door in this sector might attract the risk of burglary. Couples with bedroom in this sector will face conflicts and disagreements. For offices with the main door in this sector could expect unhealthy competition and work politics that can undermine work and progression. However, its energy helps with academic achievements. Face this area when studying to get better understanding of subjects.


In the east sector the 2 Black star resides for the entire 2014 bringing illness to the occupants that use or activate this area. If left alone this area should not bring any malevolent energy. To cure or neutralize this energy place metal items or metal sound.  If you have your main door in this sector a doorbell with metal sound is the best!  Stagnation in this area is predominant but you might want to use this sector to give up bad habits.


How do you activate the energy of a positive sector/location?

  • You need to use yang energy to stimulate the Qi flow.
  • If you have kids or pets let them play around that area.
  • Moving furniture around this sector to activate.
  • Renovations or nailing will activate an area.
  • Main doors, entrances, usable doors and windows activate an area as well.
  • Direct access to sun light.


Question: for how long do I need to activate the auspicious sector?

It is recommended that you activate a sector for minimum of 10 days up to 3 weeks.

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