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Last week I watched a very interesting documentary on BBC by Prof Brian Cox, that is as cute as intelligent, and I was amazed how he talks about life as it reflects the science behind Feng Shui.

Prof Cox defines life as a “process, the interaction between matter and energy described by the laws of physics and chemistry, the same laws that describes the falling, the rain, the shining, the stars”.

These are the same laws that are at the base of Feng Shui (that means “Wind and Water”).

What is life? The traditional answer is one that invokes the supernatural, as seen at the annual Day of the Dead celebrations in the Philippine highlands. Prof Cox sets out to offer an alternative answer: one bound up in the flow of energy through the universe.

On the edge of Taal Volcano lake, Prof Cox demonstrates how the first spark of life may have arisen. Here, heat energy from the inner Earth forces its way to the surface and changes its chemistry, just as it did in our planet’s infancy. It is now believed that these chemical changes set up a source of energy from which life first emerged.

Today, virtually all derives its energy from the Sun. But there’s a paradox to this as according to the laws of physics energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So life doesn’t ‘use’ energy up. It can’t remove it from the universe. So how does energy enable living things to live?

Brian reveals life to be a conduit through which energy in the universe passes, just one part in a process that governs the lifecycle of the entire Universe. By diverting energy in the cosmos living things are able to grow and thrive.

But whilst the flow of energy can explain living things, it can’t explain how life has endured for more than three billion years. So Brian meets an animal in the Borneo rainforest that holds the key to how life persists – the orangutan. Ninety seven per cent of our DNA is shared with orangutans. That shared heritage reveals a profound conclusion: that DNA is a record of the evolution of life on Earth, one that connects us to everything alive today and that has ever lived.

So life isn’t really a thing. It’s a chemical process, a way of tapping into the energy flowing through the Universe and transmitting it from generation to generation through the elegant chemistry of DNA. Far from demanding a mystical explanation, the emergence of life might be an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics.

The Feng Shui studies and analyses this flow of energy through the universe. And that is where the name Feng Shui comes from: “Wind and Water”.

Water represents 70% of our planet and at the same time 70% of our body. It is indispensable for life.

Wind transports Energy (Qi), that is the ability to make things happen!

Yin Water Snake

Doing personal predictions using just the year branch (animal) is just a generalisation. Every year there are more than 120 million people born. So 120 million people in the world are sharing the same fate? Each of us has up to 4 animals (branches). Therefore, for more reliable assessment of one’s fortune in the year of the Yin Water Snake, it is recommended that one checks the full Four Pillars of Destiny, which requires full birth data information of the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth.

The same applies to industries, countries, continents. Every industry, country, continent share different energy based on their activities, tectonic plates and cardinal directions. For this reason, one can make a general forecast about the energy of the year.

Major elements in 2013 are Water and Fire (with minor “roots” elements of Fire, Metal and Earth). The polarity of Water is minus (–) and the same has the Snake (-F). These two elements clash with each other because of their polarity. According to the Five Transformational Phases, Water and Fire have a conflicting relationship. Water controls Fire. However, in the correct amount water can make fire useful by producing stem.

The clash of these two elements are bringing pressure and worries across populations. Water sits on top of Fire (Snake): communicating that the top classes will try to control/suppress the bottom classes bringing unhappiness, protests and manifestations. Because Water (incorporates Fear) suppress Fire (Joy) people will became more rude and impatient. There could be revolting by the citizens because of the oppressive power the governments has over the people. The cure and bridge between the two elements is Wood, as Water feeds Wood and Wood feeds Fire. Wood represent Kindness. The politicians must implement and promote kind regulations for the citizens and people most cultivate more kindness among their peers.

In Chinese Metaphysics, the Snake is a travelling star, and also water is the element of transport and communication. So the water snake year will trigger more travelling but then it will also bring traffic accidents especially in the air and in the sea. Also the snake is a long animal; this symbolizes railroad and train. So there will be also accidents involving railways.

Weather patterns. With the two elements clashing we expect the weather of the Gui Si (Water Snake) to follow the natural disasters of 2012. Flooding and forests burning out of control will take place across the world especially in the SE areas. Southeast Asia could experience many hurricanes and tornadoes.

The Economy. There will be many positive changes on the side for the economic sector. The Water-Fire element of 2013 is expected to bring prosperity to Earth and Metal industries. The Financial sector will continue to suffer but there will be new ways of improvement coming to regenerate the system. Business ventures will find new creative ways to make money. The economy will continue to improve. The housing market will see a recovery, with new building developments. Transportation, Aviation, logistics, Shipping, retail stocks and Financial sector will not be doing very well the second half of the year. Industries that will prosper: publishing, education, philosophy, social services, medicine, pharmaceuticals, print media, textiles, fashion, technicians, musicians, broadcast announcers, housing market, sales, engineering, computers, hardware, machinery, metal mining, legal field, government services, metals like gold and silver.

Health. Fire represent circulation, small intestine, eyes and heart. Careful those that are born in the year of Pig. There may be an unusual high incidences of heart related issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. If you’re prone to any of these health issues, take greater care of yourself in the year of the snake. Also, the element number of 2013 its 5, that represent Earth that is associate with the digestive system, so is better to eat fresh and hygienic foods, especially if you were born in the year of Pig.

People that may be negatively affected this year: any person born in the year of the pig because it’s in direct clash with the snake—be more careful this year and especially from August. However, as the animal signs can appear in all four pillars in a person’s birth data, the clash and penalty relationship with the Snake will not only cause impact on people born in the year of Pig and Snake. Such clash and penalties can also impact anyone who has such animals in the birth month, or day or hour. The clash against the Day Pillar will usually cause movement or conflict in the family or especially in the relationship with the spouse or opposite sex. So, practice caution when you change things in your life, go slowly and make sure that you have researched, got all of the information available and then make your decision based on facts.

I believe that the New Year is always a new way for us all to have a fresh start and leave behind everything that no longer serves and make a better life. We all need new energy in our lives and the Water Snake Year will bring that energy.

Don’t forget that the year of the Water Snake will be what you want to be so make it a great year and enjoy every moment of it!

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